Bombril Guerrilla Year with Ivete Sangalo

The greatest Brazil’s celebrity and also passionate by Bombril.

In 2014, year of World Cup and elections, Bombril challenged us to make its communication and special projects have even more impact and visibility. In the other side, Ivete Sangalo, the greatest country’s celebrity and who always had everything to do with the brand, was celebrating 20 years of carreer. Such coincidence has driven the accomplishment of a Bombril’s old dream: turn Ivete Sangalo its ambassador. Thus, the start to take part and to integrate all the content projects of the brand, in different broadcasters and channels. The partnership has driven the presence of the brand in social media, in addition to release the TV Bombril at YouTube, that started to arrange and concentrate all brand’s content: of the projects where it is the main sponsor, such as “Mulheres que Brilham Bombril” (Bombril Shining Women), at Raul Gil, SBT, to the content owner projects, such as Jornal 1001, with Dani Calabreza and Carlos Moreno. Bombril was also present in the main activities celebrating Ivete’s 20 years: from her DVD record to Salvador Carnival, reaching the whole Brazil.

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