A movement that unites people, brands and causes through empathy.

Think&Love was completely idealized, created and implemented by REPENSE. It started as a project within the agency and, recently, became an independent social business, that aims to give visibility to the main Brazil’s NGOs and, mainly, to contribute to build the bridge between the Brands, People and Causes through empathy. Rather providing consultation to help brands to find causes with which they identify themselves through partnerships of Marketing Related to Causes (MRC), or stimulating the donation of nature person for the causes with which they identify themselves through campaigns and efforts cooperated of fundraising with partners of Media and Payment Means. The portal arranges NGOs in 6 pillars: Education, Human Rights, Health, Environment, Fight against Poverty and Art & Culture and accounts with the participation of the main Brazil’s organizations, such as Instituto Ayrton Senna, Médecins Sans Frontières, AACD, Greenpeace, Instituto Criar and Abrinq Foundation. Along with the site, the fanpage became a strong relevant content aggregator about the third sector in general and each of NGOs participating. The last action of the Think&Love movement was the creation of a coworking headquarter in Curitiba, which aims to create a collaboration network among Social Business professionals.

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