Independent Brazilian agency hires Guilherme Cavallini as Head of Technology and Innovation and Elisa Moura as Head of Production

FEV | 2020

Independent Brazilian agency hires Guilherme Cavallini as Head of Technology and Innovation and Elisa Moura as Head of Production

With the purpose of making creative ideas technologically viable and intensifying multiplatform audiovisual production for the different brands served, Repense, a Brazilian independent agency led by partners Otavio Dias and Luna Gutierres, announces the hiring of Guilherme Cavallini as Head of Technology and Innovation, and Elisa Moura as Head of Production.

“This movement is part of the agency's evolutionary scale, which started last year. They are multidisciplinary professionals who will work in partnership to strengthen the flexibility of the agency's performance and the direction of effective, multi-screen, performance-oriented creativity”, says Otavio Dias, partner and CEO of Repense. In addition to the new professionals, the agency has structured an RTV and Digital studio, with the goal that by the end of the year, 100% of audiovisual productions for clients' social media will be done internally.

With 20 years of experience in the market, Guilherme Cavallini is specialized in the conception, planning and execution of campaigns linked to technological development. In recent years, the executive has worked for companies such as Grupo Globo, where he worked in the area of Digital Intelligence, Africa agency, FCB, AlmapBBDO and F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi.

“In a reality where new technologies and the use of data are the minimum necessary for survival, REPENSE's mission is to understand the next step, how to relate to a new generation that already has Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things as part of their daily life? We will have new challenges, the Privacy First movement, GDPR, LGPD and other policies makes us rethink the current standard and further strengthens organic engagement. A scenario where creativity and context are applied to the right means will bring exponential results”, adds Guilherme Cavallini, Head of Technology and Innovation at Repense.

Elisa Moura brings 15 years of experience in advertising agencies, offline and online. The professional has worked in the market as a graphic, digital and RTV producer and project manager. Among the companies she worked for are Big Man, Paim Comunicação, Selling and Escala.

"Following the evolution of advertising production basically offline to a multidisciplinary production allowed me a more hybrid vision, which I believe is fully aligned with the moment of Repense. Agencies and advertisers need to be faster and more assertive in delivering their pieces and content. Production must be in synergy with customers' goals and objectives. From the graphics,

going through video content, websites, app development, timing and quality are key pieces in times where the user's attention is highly disputed", adds Elisa Moura, Head of Production at Repense.

Founded in 2006 with inspiration in the hotshops model - compact and agile agencies -, Repense has around 80 employees in the units of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Currently, Repense's clients are Banco Itaú, Oi, Tecnisa, Pernambucanas, DAF Caminhões, Mondial Eletrodomésticos, AES Tietê, Santa Marcelina Virtual, Komatsu, SPC Brasil, Greenpeace, Doctors Without Borders, Action Aid, IDEC and World Animal Protection.


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