Repense supports the Creative Week in Tiradentes

Repense supports the Creative Week in Tiradentes

Edition 2020 takes place 100% digitally and free of charge from October 15th to 18th

OUT | 2020

Edition 2020 takes place 100% digitally and free of charge from October 15th to 18th

Starting on October 15th, the fourth edition of the Creative Week in Tiradentes will take place. Considered one of the most important events in Brazil on design and architecture, the annual festival brings together creatives and trend hunters to rethink, exchange knowledge, discuss, produce and stimulate entrepreneurship through design, traditional crafts, architecture and events such as the Movement Maker.

The event traditionally takes place in the city of Tiradentes, in Minas Gerais, however the 2020 edition will be totally virtual and free because of the Coronavirus pandemic. The direction of the event ensures that the digital version is here to stay, even in the next realizations. “This year, we will be just like that and, next year, we will come in a double dose: in person and  digital. We created a project that meets the moment and that will meet the challenge of bringing more knowledge and information to people”, says Simone Quintas, director and organizer of the festival.

Repense, a Brazilian independent agency led by partners Otávio Dias and Luna Gutierres is one of the supporters of the event. The company enters as a partner because it understands that the creative sector is becoming increasingly important for Brazil and, mainly, at a time when everyone is looking for a balance between health care and the economic recovery process.

“The Creative Week in Tiradentes is one of the Brazilian movements to promote and boost the creative sector. We are part of this sector and we endorse that even in different ways than the previous ones, it is extremely important that events like this happen. That is how the market knows the work of new professionals. It is this type of initiative that brings the freshness of innovation that all companies will need to invest in the recovery of the economy.”, Says Otavio Dias, partner and CEO of Repense.

The full schedule of the Creative Week of Tiradentes can be followed at and among the attractions are:

  • Heats up SCT: lives with artisans and designers and exhibition of the mini documentary series “Artesãos das Vertentes” on SCT's YouTube channel:
  • Opening ceremony: The opening live will be with Minas Gerais musician Lô Borges, on October 15th, at 8pm, on SCT's YouTube channel.
  • Lectures on Brazilian culture, creativity and popular art, design and the new home;
  • Conversations about culture, innovative and purposeful projects, stories and stories from tiradentes, book launches.
  • Show classes with artists, master craftsmen and chefs from the region.
  • Relationship rooms for brand representatives to talk to the public.
  • Stores in the market: virtual space for purchasing products from the Tiradentes Creative Week, brands, artists and artisans in the region and products from sponsors.

Some of the speakers confirmed in the program are: consultant Carlos Ferreirinha, architects Guto Requena and Alex Rousset, stylist Ronaldo Fraga, Marcia Souto (director of Fenearte), Marco Aurélio (Marco 500), designers Rodrigo Ambrósio and Marcelo Rosenbaum, among others.

At the end of each day of the festival, a group of guests (experts, influencers, designers) discuss the day's issues. In addition to sweepstakes and polls throughout the festival.

The Creative Week in Tiradentes is an offer from Portobello, sponsored by Docol, co-sponsored by Sherwin Williams and Herman Miller, supported by Breton, Ecosimple and Repense.

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