REPENSE signs Médecins Sans Frontières’ new campaign

REPENSE signs Médecins Sans Frontières’ new campaign

The challenge will be to conquer 1.5 thousand donators in 15 days in Rio de Janeiro via SMS.

JUL | 2014

The challenge will be to conquer 1.5 thousand donators in 15 days in Rio de Janeiro via SMS.

Starting this Sunday, 27/7, REPENSE launches a new campaign for the international humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières. Exhibited only in Rio de Janeiro, it will be starred by the actor Thiago Lacerda that supports the organization and makes the campaigns free of charge.

This campaign theme is the vaccination. Two million people die every year in the world just because they have not been vaccinated to prevent diseases that are already controlled in Brazil, such, for example, the measles. The parts make the appeal: with the vaccination, a life can be saved in seconds, the same time that it is spent to send a SMS.

Campaign’s call to action is innovative, since its mechanism consists in ask for people who intend to donate to send a SMS to receive a MSF call. The focus is to catch monthly donators.  

 A R$ 30,00 donation every month allow MSF to vaccinate 37 children against measles. All the raised money will be sent to medical projects that the international humanitarian organization promotes in several parts of the world.

To reach the goal of 1.5 thousand new donators in the period from 27/7 to 10/8, the exhibition will be made at GNT and Globonews television channels, Kinoplex Leblon and Cinemark Botafogo cinemas, at Band News and JB radio stations, at O Globo newspaper and at bus-door.

“We hope that with this concentrated communication effort and with a simple response mechanism, the campaign sensitize the cariocas about the MSF Urgent Appeal to save lives”, stated Vivian Fasca, Planning Director of REPENSE.

Every year, the Médecins Sans Frontières can vaccinate more than 10 million children in areas that suffer with armed hostilities, natural disasters, epidemics, but 26 million still without immunization. Around two million people die every year due to measles, meningitis, rubella, diphtheria, tuberculosis and other diseases.  

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