REPENSE signs Médecins Sans Frontières campaign

REPENSE signs Médecins Sans Frontières campaign

Movie recorded at Democratic Republic of the Congo will be exhibited this month in open-TV channels.

JUL | 2015

Movie recorded at Democratic Republic of the Congo will be exhibited this month in open-TV channels.

REPENSE signs one more campaign from international humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), that debuts on August second quarter, in the open-TV, in Porto Alegre.

Since 2010, MSF Brazil makes campaigns in the TV to conquer donators in the country. Campaigns have been been exhibited on paid TV and, for the first time, will be transmitted in open TVs.

The movie “Expatriados” was recorded by a Brazilian producers at the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Brazilian physician Ana Maria Amorim, MSF team’s pediatrician, explains the organization operation that offers health care for people affected by armed hostilities, natural disasters, epidemics, malnutrition, or for people without any access to medical assistance. The movie’s objective is to conquer new Sans Frontières donators, people monthly contributing with the organization with values from R$ 30,00. 

“We expect that the exhibition in open-TVs results in a greater number of donations when showing a little about people attended by the MSF needs and that, in general, live in remote locations, such as Zongo, RDC countryside, where the movie was recorded”, says Vivian Fasca, Planning Director and responsible for the Fundraising campaigns at REPENSE Rio. 

The movie will be exhibited in Porto Alegre between August 17th and 30th, at Globo and Bandeirantes stations: 



Vivian Fasca – Planning Director / Fundraising Director

Angelina Vargas – Account Manager

Rafaela Vieira – Attendance Trainee

Octavio Moreira Lima – Creation Supervisor

Júlia Rabelo – Art Director

Fato Cinema - Producer

Glauco Kuhnert – Movie’s Director

Bernardo Richter – Photography Director

Thiago Rodrigues – Camera Assistant

Computer Graphics - Tatiana Kuhnert

Asembler - Daniele Pimentel


Flávia Tenenbaum - Fundraising Director

Natália Franco – Direct Marketing Manager

Alexandre Bento – Direct Marketing Advisor

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