Agency reinforces the commitment to Effective Creativity, expands its market service offering and forecasts 20% growth

SET | 2019

Agency reinforces the commitment to Effective Creativity, expands its market service offering and forecasts 20% growth

Repense, an independent Brazilian agency led by partners Otávio Dias, Luna Gutierres and Flávia Paranhos, puts into practice its commitment to rethink itself constantly and announces its own repositioning.

After moving the São Paulo unit to a new headquarters in Vila Madalena, winning 5 new clients (IDEC, SPC Brazil, AES Tietê, Komatsu do Brasil and Unicef) and consolidating a new board - all during the first half of this year -, the agency makes 3 new business centers official:

Communication & Content,
Data & Performance, and
Consulting & Training.

The 3 units offer great flexibility in their operation format, adapting to the needs of each client, especially in-housing (agency cells within each partner company), which is already a reality with many of its clients.

With this change, the agency's forecast is to finish the year with a growth of 20% compared to last year.

The origin of CRM of the agency's 3 founding partners, combined with the technological expertise of its management and Data & Performance team, has been favoring and strengthening the agency in the current market context, as the vast majority of advertisers are looking for truly Data-Driven agencies effectively committed to Effective Creativity.

"We want to be a reference for a new business model in the communication segment, even more in tune with the technological and media changes of the contemporary world, always committed to ethics, transparency and enthusiastic and collaborative attitude in the relationship with our customers, partners and employees," says Otávio Dias, CEO and partner at Repense.

From new business centers, Repense expands its strategy-inspired, data-oriented, results-driven service offering:

- Communication & Content: Evolution of the agency's current performance, which in addition to integrated communication (from advertising to digital, from CRM to internal communication), starts to act even more strongly in the production of content and actions of Live & Trade Marketing;

- Data & Performance: Intelligence and data management center, that starts to act independently, providing the market with the services needed to turn Big Data concepts and e-CRM fundamentals into a reality for the customers today.

- Consulting & Training: Strategic consulting center that was a natural evolution of the agency's strong tradition in planning, with the differential of being truly committed to execution and, like the Data & Performance unit, now operates independently in the development of separate plans, strategies, training and workshops, structured with their own methodologies and specific working groups with agency executives and partner consultants.

The new units and their services were an evolution of many of the services that REPENSE had already been offering to many of its clients, now organized and "packaged" to act independently and be another gateway to new business at the agency and also the agency's growth within each existing custome

“We are structured to act as a leading agency - orchestrating and executing all of our clients' communication needs - or as an specialist agency, focused on a specific discipline or demand, with emphasis on Digital and e-CRM - and now to Data & Performance and Consulting & Training services,” reinforces Luna Gutierres, founding partner of the agency.

Founded in 2006 with inspiration from the hotshops model - compact and agile agencies - Repense is committed to the team's experience, flexibility and versatility to build success stories for brands, regardless of communication discipline.

"We want to be an eternal startup that never stops reinventing itself and rethinking. The ability to adapt to the new moment of our market has become the focus not only of agencies, but of the entire communication market," adds Flávia Paranhos, partner and CEO of REPENSE Rio.

In this strategic moment of repositioning, the agency launches its new website (, the new manifesto video ( and an Inbound Marketing campaign that will bring content from these new business units to the agency's clients and prospects.

In total, the agency has about 80 employees, who are located at the new headquarters of the agency in Vila Madalena, São Paulo, and in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro. Clients include Banco Itaú, Oi, Mondial Eletrodomésticos, Tecnisa, DAF Caminhões (Paccar Group), SPC Brasil, AES Tietê, Santa Marcelina Virtual EAD, IDEC and World Animal Protection. The organizations Doctors Without Borders, ActionAid and Greenpeace are assisted by the REPENSE Fundraising Center, which is formed by an exclusive team responsible for developing actions to draw and retain donors.

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