REPENSE expands its operations at Bombril

REPENSE expands its operations at Bombril

New strategy idealized by the agency includes mass media, sponsorship, merchandising, guerilla actions, branded content, crossmedia and Ivete Sangalo as the brand’s star.

NOV | 2013

New strategy idealized by the agency includes mass media, sponsorship, merchandising, guerilla actions, branded content, crossmedia and Ivete Sangalo as the brand’s star.

REPENSE, which completed 7 years of foundation in December 2013, has started the year of 2014 with a typical achievement: the increase of its operations at Bombril.

After winning the competition proceedings carried out in December 2013, the agency becomes responsible for 100% of the brand’s communication in 2014, composed by a strong guerilla strategy: From Mass Media to Promotional Marketing, from Digital Marketing to Social Responsibility.

“Bombril has believed at REPENSE in the agency’s firsts years and gave us the opportunity to create highly innovative projects to the cleaning and perfumery sector, such as Casa Brasil (social) and all the brand’s digital platform (portal, social networks, and online campaigns). Assume the new Media, Sponsorship, Promotion and PDF pillars is a consequence of the trust that has been established in our partnership. We are proud and extremely motivated, because in 2014 the online and offline communication and all the strategy for content generation will be more aligned and synergetic”, says Otavio Dias, REPENSE Chairman.    

Every strategy idealized and developed by the agency for Bombril in this year will bring Ivete Sangalo as ambassador and spokesperson of the brand. The planning has a 360 degrees coverage, contemplating differentiated actions in the stations (Band, SBT, RedeTV and Gazeta), printed press (Editora Globo, Editora Abril, Caras and Editora Três), guerilla actions, selling point, and very strong integration at every digital channels, with highlight to Bombril TV, new Branded Channel at YouTube, that will bring additional and exclusive content from several commercials of the brand, backstage of Ivete Sangalo tour, and exclusive proprietary programs to the Web, such as Jornal 1001 Utilidades that will be presented by Dani Calabresa and Carlos Moreno.   

Besides being one of the most influent and popular celebrities of Brazil, the choice of Ivete Sangalo happened, mainly, due to her absolute connection with all brand’s attributes: she is Brazilian, irreverent, she relates with all social classes and also personifies the warrior woman, modern, multitask, victorious in her personal and professional life. She is the face of Bombril Evolved Woman.    

In 2014, the strategy presented also included the sponsorship by the DVD IS 20 Anos show, Bombril participation in the tour shows of the star over the year, besides her presence at all brand’s merchandising and special actions at Salvador’s Carnival.

REPENSE has been already attending Bombril for four years at Digital Marketing area and at the Social Responsibility area, whose main project implemented was Casa Bombril, which propelled the creation of the segment “A Melhor Empregada Doméstica do Brasil” (The Best Brazil’s Domestic Servant), at Raul Gil. The agency also participated in the beginning of the project “Mulheres que Brilham” (Shining Women), that today has a partnership with Sony and has become the brand’s cultural platform, gaining visibility and a second segment at SBT.

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