Created by Repense agency, organization pressures fast-food chains to buy higher welfare chicken

NOV | 2019

Created by Repense agency, organization pressures fast-food chains to buy higher welfare chicken

World Animal Protection, a non-governmental organization focused on animal welfare in more than 14 countries, goes to the media starting this week with the #chegadecrueldadecomfrangos (#nomorechickencruelty) campaign. With the creation of Repense agency, communication consists of digital strategy, Out of Home media and geolocation.

The aim of the campaign is to prevent the suffering of millions of chickens that supply the main Brazilian fast-food chains, pressuring restaurants to market meals only with higher welfare chicken. "The growing concern of consumers about the suffering experienced by animals raised in intensive industrial systems, as well as the emergence of new products like hamburgers without animal protein, has the power to make companies change their business model," explains João Gonçalves, World Animal Protection Communication Manager in Brazil, quoting a study released by the organization that pointed out that it would be possible to provide a life without cruelty to chickens with an increase of only R$ 0.25 per snack.

With language and visuals that seek to sensitize consumers to share the cause of animal welfare, the campaign uses standard communication elements from fast-food chains to draw attention to the grim reality of how fast-food chicken eaten in Brazil are raised.

“We wish reality was not like this, and unfortunately, it does not usually come to light for the general public. By choosing to show in the campaign the naked truth of how chickens are raised for consumption, we want to engage the consumer in the cause and cause the reflection that something needs to be done to change this scenario," adds Alexandre Ravagnani, executive creative director of Repense.

To participate in the campaign, consumers can visit the website, customize their messages by putting together their cards and share on social media, tagging their favorite fast-food chains. Several messages and images are available, and consumers can choose the one that touches them the most. After message personalization, they are available for download and automatic posting on Facebook or Twitter.

The campaign was created by Alexandre Ravagnani, Martin Montingelli, Mario Jorge, Akira Tateyama and Val Medici, with executive creative direction by Alexandre Ravagnani.

Technical Specifications
Title: No More Chicken Cruelty
Customer: World Animal Protection - Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Alexandre Ravagnani
Creation: Martin Montingelli, Val Medici, Akira Tateyama, Mario Jorge
Digital Production: Fábio Ovelheiro, Filipe Cândido
RTVC: Alessandra Pereira, Leandro Souza
Service: Thiago Xavier, Victor Said
Media and B.I.: Nino da Silva, Déborah Cardoso, Renata Milagres
Planning: Luna Gutierres
Customer Approval: João Gonçalves and José Ciocca

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