My universe from A to Z

My universe from A to Z

by Alexandre Ravagnani, Executive Creative Director of REPENSE

AGO | 2019

by Alexandre Ravagnani, Executive Creative Director of REPENSE

Speaking of what inspires me and of creativity is broader than I imagined. As I began to put on paper, I realized that my universe goes through a lot. Some are part of my daily life and others are stored there, in little boxes, and I just kind of activate them without realizing it, but they are always ready to bring me some insight. Here I share my little boxes in a much more organized way than how it really happens in everyday life. 

A is forArt of so many things. For the art of architecture. Inspiration is non-existent without art. We hardly realize it, but much of what we see in advertising comes from this source. But I was really happy when I heard from my 7-year-old son one Sunday morning: Daddy, are we going to the museum?

B is forBanksy and his protests on the walls, for the incredible potter from Recife Brennand, for the genius Bowie, going into the future with Black Mirror, which may be more contemporary than we think.

C is for Condo, source of much inspiration, for Truffaut's Cinema and the still current Jules et Jim, for the minimalist design of the Catalan Camper Shoes.       For the screen so present in our lives: the Cell phone, and the festival of Cannes, which so often welcomed me so well.

D is forDavid Hockney and his beautiful water splashes. D is forDesign all around us.

E for the amazing Elza Soares, forthe European Scandinavia, with their unique and concise

packaging we hear so much: less is more.

F is forPhotograph (Fotografia) by so many geniuses: Bresson, Sebastião Salgado, LaChapelle, great masters of the lens. ForFrida Kahlo, Fellini, F for my Sons (Filhos) who teach me so much every day and who are the Future.

G is forGraffiti, Gastronomy, Gin drinks, whichcontinue to be successful, by Gaudi, crazy creations on Bonde do Getúlio in Lapa. To know their work, just Googleit.

H is for Helvetica, which since 1957 has remained a current typology, for Hamburg, for the streets of Harajuko, the craziest neighborhood in Tokyo, for Hackathon a term that has become part of advertisers' lives.          I is for Inhotim and its tropical madness, forIllustration, for Internet and Interactivity that are intertwined with our lives.  

J is for the architecture of Jean Nouvel, the laughs with Jacques Tati, the brilliance of Johnny Depp, the punk with Joy Division and the Japan House, which made our Paulista even cooler.

K is for K-Pop, the Korean tsunami. One of those hard to explain movements that brought so many followers.

L is forLucian Freud's London, for my London when I lived there, for the Books (Livros) I have not had time to read, for the Literature, for the graphite Pencil (Lápis), and for the acid trace of Laerte.

M is for the Mexican MuralistsSiqueros, Orozco, Rivera, for MOMA, for Music, whatever the genre, for Marmite forbreakfast that reminds me of my England's times, forFashion (Moda) that makes everything more beautiful and colorful.

N is forNature and weekends in search of greener places. For Netflixtv shows that make us sleep much less.

O is for the Outlook.   Nothing goes without a curator, without his own filter. P is forFather (Pai).  Especially mine, that brought so much curiosity and desire to break through in my life. For the father of colors,  Pantone, for the Polaroidsnapshot, for the Pollockblast, for the beauty of the Pitaya fruit , for the arid weather of Patagonia and for the green of Paratyand, of course, P forPeople. Nothing beats a good conversation.

Q is for Questioning, not accepting the status quo.

R is for going to the Street (Rua), for English Rock and for still having the pleasure of browsing a Magazine (Revista).         

S is for Saramago, for the art of Sushi, for the modernity of SXSW, for leaving the place thinking you did not see enough.      

T is forTokyo and all the Technology. For Typology, Tim Burton, Tate in the Thames, the beauty of Thai food,the Tattoos of my friends.

U is for visiting Uniqlo in a big city.

Vis forVino, forVoyage, whatever the destination.

W is for Woody Allen’s stories with his dialogues of life, for the pages of Wallpaper magazine, which has the best curatorship.

X is for Xuxa, who inspired us for so long.

Y is for Yves Klein and his blue that gave name to the color. Z is for ZZZZZZZZ. Nothing like a good night's sleep to renew your inspiration.

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