Greenpeace Initiates Crowdfunding Campaign

Greenpeace Initiates Crowdfunding Campaign

With the creation of the Repense agency, Greenpeace Calendar 2021 - You, 365 Days with Nature has just been launched on the Kickante website

NOV | 2020

With the creation of the Repense agency, Greenpeace Calendar 2021 - You, 365 Days with Nature has just been launched on the Kickante website

With the aim of continuously increasing independent action in the fight for the protection of the environment and biodiversity and against the causes of climate emergencies, Greenpeace is launching a crowdfunding campaign. The campaign rewards donors with the Greenpeace Calendar 2021 -You, 365 Days with Nature (Calendário Greenpeace 2021 - Você, 365 Dias com a Natureza).

To draw everyone's attention to the topic, Greenpeace Brazil enters the media with a film for the crowdfunding platform Kickante, created by Repense agency that developed the calendar, the content of the campaign on the website, the development of the campaign film and the digital certificate of donation.

Airing on the Kickante platform, the film explains that the resources brought by the donations will collaborate directly for Greenpeace Brazil to continue the serious and renowned work in defense of the environment independently. Since it is a non-profit organization that does not accept resources from companies or governments, the activities are funded by donations from environmentally conscious and supportive people at all stages of the process.

This year, the Greenpeace calendar has two new features: One is the QR Code on the page of each month that gives access to more information and activism activities of the organization, including inviting people to be part of the actions of Greenpeace month by month; and the other are the tips to reuse the calendar itself after the end of the year. Sustainability always!

"Repense has been working with Greenpeace since 2012, performing several services on and offline, mainly with DRTV films for fundraising. It is always important to strengthen this front of work, since it is a cause that reaches all of us. We developed the campaign with the aim that the largest number of people donate to a serious cause that impacts us positively on the preservation of the Amazon. This is the main focus of the action,” says Alexandre Ravagnani, Executive Director of Creation at Repense.

By accessing, it is possible to make donations and receive the calendars, in addition to the Greenpeace Digital Donor Certificate to share social networks.

Technical Specifications

Title: Greenpeace Calendar 2021 - You, 365 Days with Nature. Agency: REPENSE 

Advertiser: Greenpeace

Creation: Alexandre Ravagnani, Octavio Moreira Lima and Frederico Túlio Motion Design: Fabio Ovelheiro and Filipe Cândido

Support: Bianca Tenenberg and Rafaela Vieira

Greenpeace Team: Vivian Fasca, Thiago Rocha, Vinicius Neto and Felipe Souza.

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