Created by the agency Repense, integrated campaign of ACT Promoção da Saúde and Aliança pela Alimentação Adequada e Saudável shows that the taxation of sugary drinks improves the health of all

AGO | 2020

Created by the agency Repense, integrated campaign of ACT Promoção da Saúde and Aliança pela Alimentação Adequada e Saudável shows that the taxation of sugary drinks improves the health of all

With the launch of the Campaign "Good for the Health, Good for the Economy" (Bom para a saúde, Bom para a economia) starting this week, ACT Promoção da Saúde and Aliança pela Alimentação Adequada e Saudável intend to mobilize the population and draw the attention of parliamentarians that the tax on sugary drinks should be included in the tax reform project, which has been discussed in the Chamber and Senate. Under the idea of "Healthy Tax" (Tributo Saudável), the integrated campaign and with national reach was created by Repense.

For Paula Johns, general officer of ACT, the debate on economy cannot be disconnected from health: "Our campaign wants to alert the population on taxes increasing of a product that causes diseases to the society, as it contributes to obesity, which in turn is a risk factor for diabetes and other diseases that burden the health system. Tax reform has to be a way to repair these distortions” she says.

“There is a great challenge in developing a campaign like this because it is about confronting a very powerful industry with a very seductive appeal to the consumer. It's years of mass communication of sugary products making people not question what they are consuming. The creation of the concept Healthy Tax as an umbrella of the campaign makes it clear to everyone the right path to be followed by society, benefiting, especially at this time, the health of people and the economy of the country," says Alexandre Ravagnani, executive director of creation of Repense.

In order to mobilize people and support the Healthy Tax ( the pieces of communication - film, ads, Out of Home media, radio spots and digital strategy - seek to raise awareness of consumers so that they have more clarity on the amount of sugar they consume and know the harm to health. The film Teste Cego, authored by 1121 and conceived by Repense, which will be broadcast on TV and in the digital environment brings with realistic tones the story of Severino do Nascimento, who was born with normal vision. Today, he does not see as a result of Type 2 diabetes, a problem directly associated with the consumption of sugary drinks, which since childhood have been part of his routine.  Watch the movie at

The initiative of this type of taxation linked to an awareness campaign follows the recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO) to reduce the consumption of these products and has already generated positive results in several countries: England, France, South Africa, Chile, Norway, Finland, Portugal, Mexico. In Brazil, the campaign initially focuses on sugary drinks, soft drinks and box juices.

The proposal of the Healthy Tax can mean an important contribution of resources for health in Brazil, since the amount collected with the new taxes is destined for investments in this area. The Unified Health System (Sistema Único de Saúde - SUS) would not only benefit from the increase in funds, but also from the fall in obesity rates, which would reduce the incidence of NCDs – among them, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular and renal diseases, some types of cancer (including breast, ovaries, endometrium, prostate, liver, kidney, gallbladder and colon) – conditions that account for significant numbers of deaths and drain most of the money from the system.

For ACT, the fight against obesity is dependent on a set of public policies, which, in addition to the tax, consider the regulation of food advertising, the use of nutritional labelling, insertion of front nutrition labelling warning for excess critical nutrients, and the promotion of healthier environments, with a ban on the sale of harmful products in institutional settings such as schools.

Technical Specifications

Title: Healthy Tax

Agency:  Repense

Advertiser: ACT Promoção da Saúde and Aliança Pela Alimentação Adequada e Saudável

Creation: Alexandre Ravagnani / Fernando Mendonça / Lincoln da Matta / Frederico Túlio / Rafael Silveira

Motion Design: Fabio Ovelheiro / Filipe Cândido / Juan Mariano / Ruiz Lira

Planning: Luna Guttieres

Media and BI: Nino da Silva / Vanessa Diorio / Cris Varella

Service: Bianca Tenenberg and Juliana Palma

Production: Doks / Movie Machine

Customer Approval: Paula Johns / Daniela Guedes / Luiza Amorim

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