Learning to teach and teaching to learn

Learning to teach and teaching to learn

by Luna Gutierres, Partner and VP of Customer Service and Planning at Repense

JUN | 2020

by Luna Gutierres, Partner and VP of Customer Service and Planning at Repense

Since primary school, I used to take chalk from school, improvise a blackboard and teach my younger siblings what I learned. And so, I found out what gives me pleasure and continues to inspire me today. In my double role - coordinator and professor of an MBA in digital marketing and executive of an agency - these inspirations are manifested in a symbiotic process. 

There is no greater pleasure in the classroom than being able to present a case that I experienced. I know exactly every detail of the process. When I speak only of theory, the class may be good, but it is cold, it does not spark emotion. When I present a real case, the briefing, the strategy, the pilot test, corrections during the campaign journey, final adjustments and results, the class comes to life, it is exciting. 

And what do I take from the classroom to the agency? Incredibly it is much more than I deliver. I live in a constant laboratory. This forces me to exercise the ability to relate to heterogeneous groups, with specific demands and with high expectations. In addition, it forces me to be up to date with a variety of subjects, directly and indirectly, related to my profession, from established practices to those that go into pilot operation instantly. I am fascinated by the search for new skills and the implementation of more efficient processes. 

But as life is not limited to seeking efficiency and teaching, to keep these inspirations on the rise, I dedicate myself and do not discard reading a good novel - when I finish one I have to give time to the next because I don't let go easily of the characters. I practice physical activity; it is inserted into my daily life. It can be a jog or endless sit-ups. I wake up to the Suite No. 1 by Bach. The creativity of the fashion world draws my attention. And airport? Wow! I love It. It can be national or international. 

Don't ask me why, but I am currently fascinated by the study of colors. To the point of having already collected more than a dozen books on the subject and now being in the middle of the discussion between Goethe and Newton. 

We live in an era in which the value we place on knowledge is wiped out by the abundance of this profitable product, and in which we seek in ourselves new ways of understanding the world, according to the author of "A nova idade da trevas." So, I have no doubt, that everything creates knowledge. Everything can inspire us, it depends a lot on our experience, on how we were created, with whom we live and what we are made of, on our references.

But I would venture to say that repertoire and curiosity are fundamental. Inspiration does not come from nowhere. And my experience of more than 20 years as a professor has taught me that repertoire and curiosity go together. When this process begins, suddenly, inspiration emerges. It has no other consequence. The intensity, the frequency can vary, but inspiration always emerges.

Today, self-knowledge is one of the most valued skills because it helps us to arrive faster in the choices that make sense for our lives. Self-knowledge goes beyond knowing when you are extremely strong or extremely vulnerable, it goes through the experience of being clear if we are living a life project designed by us. If we feel at home in our lives. This leads us to another thought, which is to inspire as well, not just to be inspired.

So more than what inspires me, I have a visceral relationship with the journey. It does not necessarily depend on major events; it is present in everyday life.

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